Confession of an Existentialist

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

My late night discernment about wanting to be a thought not an object.

In this world, but not of it

I have a queer feeling of neutrality, yet I desire the opportunities to be happy. I read, study, take notes, discuss, but it hasn’t lead me to being happy. What I know from discussions and reading books – will not make me happy. The “happiness” I desire comes from my heart as a thought form received from the Most High! For Substance is Cosmiuc Intelligence that induces my spirit substance to be “thoughts that create reality.” I want to live in a thought not as a object. I want to make sense of “life principles” and live heaven on earth. I pray to purge suffering, because I know it still in the shadow over looking these words.

Oh, my soul.  I LOVE YOU!

Confession of an Existentialist
My thoughts are received
from contemplating with the Source;
Thus, my mind does not reside
in the brain (its non-local).

Thinking is detrimental

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