They HAD to neutralise this guy!

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Earthlinggb's Blog

Just as they had to neutralise Hitler, they needed to get rid of Gaddafi also.

Like me, you probably have done your homework regarding the real Gaddafi and not the propagandised version of him we have been given (just as with Hitler) – and no, neither of them were perfect by any stroke of the imagination (but which individual in power is? David Cameron? Barack Obama? The Queen? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Are you STILL that blind, ignorant or naive? – but this movie certainly puts together in one nice little package, the overview of Gaddafi and shows quite clearly why he would be targeted. He was a rebel (with a cause) and he recognised western democracy for what it is. A sham.

So, I add again my little attempt to highlight the plight of another leader in the face of zionism:

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