What do soul friends have to say?

Posted: March 10, 2015 in periodical

Walter is a good friend; I would consider him in my soul group. I miss him. I saw him on Facebook and we had this to say…

Adam says,
“Hi Walter, I feel like a hippy.
I just wrote this tonight on FB,
“If I were to have my delegation tonight, I would have voiced my heart to give notice that I love everyone in Oshawa; And that every person is my family and friend. My relationship is to Oshawa. I love Oshawa. When I visit Lakeview Park, my group is infinite because my relationship reflects my happiness and empathy in the wholeness of Oshawa. Tonights City Council meeting and friends at Wasted Space inspired my sentiment. Thank you Rick Kerr Doug Sanders Rosemary McConkey….”
Bless up Brother!”

Walter says,
“lol ok… they didnt let you have a delegation?”

Adam says,
“I didn’t request one; my mind was pretty jarred.”

Walter says,
“oh ok. how have you been lately?”

Adam says,
“working towards a break through;
deprogram from the halographic reality.”

Walter says,

Adam says,
“how are you shifting?”

Walter says,
“aggressively LOL”

Adam says,

Walter says,
“haha i dont know about gracefully.”

Adam says,
“the peace maker society and dean clifford are in winnipeg”

Walter says,
“dean cliffords a fraud hahah
never heard of the peace maker society ill have to look into them”

Adam says,
“there videos on youtube. i think dean clifford is genuine.”

Walter says,
“nah. have you been following his story? he stole a bunch of money from his supporters
plus the guys an idiot. he in jail now and was even making death threats to cops while in court
most of those “freeman of the land” folk are full of it.”

Adam says,
“im watching a video of ‘Kate of Gaia'”

Walter says,
“yea he/she is full of it; some of the things she says may be correct but he doesnt know how to deal with people or reality
and hes also a hypocrite and some what of a fraud at times.”

Adam says,
“I follow Santos’ stuff too. I heard Michale Tellinger is a fraud.”

Walter says,
“again Santos know so much – yet he was arrested and there is a warrent for his arrest.
the freeman thing doesnt work period.
if you’re lucky you may be able to get out of a speeding ticket or parking ticket but thats about it. if the state wants to go after you thats it.”

Adam says,
“Do you know thyself or know the fiction?”

Walter says,
“well i think most speakers / researchers have questionable back grounds and do bad things at times. their only human
what are you referring to? Name fraud?”

Adam says,
“Simply: Are you a child of God or slave to Corporate codependency?”

Walter says,
“i would argue that the vast majority is both minus those natives still practically undisturbed by the elite.”

Adam says,
“I am not Doomed. neither are you, well, its a choice.”

Walter says,
“im not saying were ‘doomed’ im just stating the fact that the corporate elite has already enslaved the vast majority of people. there is always a chance to turn things around
a choice to take responsibility to do so

Adam says,
“People are gradually waking up, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Walter says,
“some are waking, others are going into a deeper sleep. From my perspective it doesnt look good for humanity right now. We need to make a greater effort to change things. The vast majority of people are still unconscious.
And of those people “waking up” many of them are still fractured and chasing their tale/tails.
Im a realist and realistically its the same old shit on planet earth. The vast majority of people have adopted satanic values (greed, eugenics, selfishness, survival, doing wrong, being a bad person, moral relativism), most are order followers who dont question the unjust system, most put their wants above another persons needs, etc.
There needs to be BIG changes, and people need to great efforts to make these changes if we expect the world to get any more free, just, loving or peaceful. It’s not going to be as easy as meditating and free hugs and this is not a dig at you specifically – there are many out there that believe we wont really have to fight for freedom and they are misinformed.
anyways its bed time for me. have a good night.”

Adam says,
“Good night Walter, yet left me add to your reading when you wake up…
My thoughts create reality, so i act in correctness to see it. Im not afraid.
Im spiritual warroir
And a lot of suffering has to be banished with action to know truth.”

Chat Conversation End


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