Who’s Corrupt?

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Runaway Contract

Some have communicated that the public side is corrupt, both thru this site and the Facebook Group. I have contended, the public is not corrupt and it is designed to do what it does and almost everyone voluntarily goes along with it. Contracts are so good, most even go to prison voluntarily under contract.

Let’s dispel the myth as if you truly believe the public is corrupt then you cannot be a creditor: If you go into court (whether a court with the opposite party for negotiations, or a Statutory court with an adjudicator + the opposite party) and accuse them of being corrupt, making wrong etc etc, then it’s game over….your actions have created a controversy that requires an adjudicator to make a judgement – you’ve just shifted any private contractual agreement you may have had up to that point back to the public side….you no longer have…

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