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open air prison

Posted: October 3, 2014 in poetry, questions

Control the language
You Influence reality
Of the way mankind
Will see itself

Are the leaders
Working from love or hate?
A city in fear will suffer
What do you see? Why do you believe it?


nonsense and questions

Posted: October 1, 2014 in questions

the world is an illusion, because it is a subjective reality of ‘the eye of the beholder’; so, who’s world and reality is it?

do you need psychology to tell you that your crazy?
do you need religion to say crazy is okay?
do you need to be collective to have social justice?
do you need to know the past to know the future?

who are you? where did you come from? what do you desire?
who are we? how did we get here? what do we experience?